Welcome to Siteki Hotel Siteki Hotel 2017. All Rights Reserved Siteki Hotel, also known as the jewel of Lubombo Mountains, is a 3 star hotel located in the eastern part of The Kingdom of Swaziland – Lubombo region. We offer world class accommodation, conferencing and dining facilities at reasonable prices. For Bookings or for more information Call: +268 2343 6573 P O Box 120, Siteki L300, Swaziland Tel: +268 2343 6573/1 Fax: +268 2343 6570, email: reservations@sitekihotel.com website: www.sitekihotel.com Other Services Contacts Location: 26°27’01.5”S 31°56’44.5”E  -26.450417, 31.945694
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